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Getting the Community Involved
Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:49 am by 4th_dimention
Here we will announce new opportunities for the members of the community to get involved!

Right now you can:

- Check out the Demo -
Coming Soon!
(report bugs too)

And obviously …

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Welcome! The official forums are now running!
Fri Nov 12, 2010 3:16 pm by Mr.Bandit
Hello my fellow community!

We have took it upon ourselves to make new forums for you guys, since the last ones were....well lets just say not so good...

Anything from the last …

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 Official Leuic Word Endings (conjugation, noun plurals and possesives, ... ect)

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PostSubject: Official Leuic Word Endings (conjugation, noun plurals and possesives, ... ect)   Fri Nov 19, 2010 8:13 am

Class 1 nouns:

Class 1 nouns have an “a” ending. Like “Childra”, and “Heltica”.

Possessive: end is –il
Ex: Heltica becomes Helticil

Plural: end is –an
Ex: Heltica becomes Heltican

Plural/Possesive: end is – ana
Ex: Heltica becomes Helticana

Exception: if the base ends with n as in Iana then:
Plural/Possesive: end is – ena
Ex: Iana becomes Ianena

Class 2 nouns:

Class 2 nouns have an “i” ending. Like “Kwari”.

Possesive: end is –ial
Ex: Kwari becomes Kwarial

Plural: no ending
Ex: Kwari becomes Kwar

Possesive/Plural: end is – oo
Ex: Kwari becomes Kwaroo

Class 3 nouns:

Class 3 nouns have an “uu” ending. Like “Gruu”.

Possesive: end is –uuel
Ex: Gruu becomes Gruuel

Plural: -uud
Ex: Gruu becomes Gruud

Possesive/Plural: end is –uudel
Ex Gruu becomes Gruudel


In leuic a special sort of adverb called a tense - adverb is used to show what tense a verb is in.

Toh – perfect present tense
(present tense precise: What are you doing? I am jumping.)
Tohn – imperfect present tense
(present tense general: What do you do? I jump.)
Toon – imperative present tense
(present tense command: You need to jump.)

Juut – perfect past tense
(past tense precise: What did you do? I jumped)
Jot – imperfect past tense
(past tense hypothetical: What would you do? I would jump)


(I) (we)
(you) (you)
(it) (they)

Special verb “to be”:


- ia: Fia - ian: Fian
- eer: Feer - een: Feen
- eu: Feu - eun: Feun

Class 1 verbs:

Ending “o”

- os - oos
- ou - ous
- um - uus

Gerund ending: -in

Class 2 verbs:

Ending “oo”

- o - oa
- oi - oe
- oom - oos

Gerund ending: -oon

Class 3 verbs:

Ending “e”

- er - ee
- el - uu
- es - ees

Gerund ending: -et


More: -is
Ucton becomes Uctonis

Most: -el
Ucton becomes Uctonel
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Official Leuic Word Endings (conjugation, noun plurals and possesives, ... ect)
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