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Getting the Community Involved
Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:49 am by 4th_dimention
Here we will announce new opportunities for the members of the community to get involved!

Right now you can:

- Check out the Demo -
Coming Soon!
(report bugs too)

And obviously …

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Welcome! The official forums are now running!
Fri Nov 12, 2010 3:16 pm by Mr.Bandit
Hello my fellow community!

We have took it upon ourselves to make new forums for you guys, since the last ones were....well lets just say not so good...

Anything from the last …

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 Darkian Background Information

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PostSubject: Darkian Background Information   Wed Nov 10, 2010 9:30 pm

Every Shapian has his tale. This is the tale of the Darkians:

The Heltican race had been under the care of King Squarther for a long time. The economic society split into two main classes. The wealthy, and the workers. The situation for the workers had become insufferable. The wealthy used the derogatory term Gruud (leuic slave) as they ordered the workers to bring supplies for their shops, or to haul carts back and forth between the leu forest.

Eventually the Gruud had formed a secret society dedicated to fleeing into the mountains west of Geometrica. They developed secret codes, and established a network of communication.

Meanwhile under the instruction of Merlin, Circa La Fe had become a skilled magician much like her Grandmother Trelia. She began to feel an urge. A power in Wol Hgih was calling for her. A magical source she couldn't resist. However she knew that she could not venture up by herself.

She knew about the secret society and began using magic to aid her in cracking their codes. Eventually she made contact with one of the Gruud. She arranged a meeting, all of the Gruud came to attend.

"Hello, I thank you all for coming." she said, this was the performance of her life. She needed followers. She continued her speech "I would like to start by saying, that I am sorry..." her speech was inspiring, it was reassuring, and magical, but most of all it was tempting. "So I plead with you," She began the last line "I would be on my knees begging you, if I had knees, to follow me up the mountain of Wol Hgih. That is all."

A cheer came up from the audience. It seemed to Circa La Fe that she had won her army.

The Gruud however were more cautious than that. They continued to meet and soon two factions arose. Those that would stick to their plan and venture up the mountains to the west, and those that would follow Circa La Fe's daring leadership up the mountains of Wol Hgih to form an alliance with the Childran. They planned that after they did, they would abandon her plan to find the magical source, and aid the Childran in an attack against the Helticans.

However like all shapians, the Gruud who followed Circa La Fe up the mountain had forgotten the true nature of the Childran. Stories were told of battles fought long ago between the horrific Childran, and the blood thirsty Leunamme warriors. Stories of the hatred in the Childran for the lineage of the Leunamme did little to convey their true nature.

When Circa La Fe and her followers found the Childran, diplomatic relations were suppose to begin. But no matter what attemp Circa La Fe made, the childran never opened communication, they simply stormed the party and forced them down the mountain again. Finally Circa La Fe was ready to resort to her last option. A psychic link had to be made between her and one of the Childran.

Circa La Fe was convinced that the Childran didn't realize she wanted to communicate, she thought creating a psychic link with one was the only plan she could think of that could solve that problem. But when she opened her mind into one of the Childran's she found she was dead wrong.

The Childran, she realized, were controlled by a hive consciousness. Individual Childran had no brain just a deep dark emptiness. She followed the network of Childran all the way into the mind of the hive. The power of the hive mind was more than she had ever dreamed of. She would have realized that it was the magical source she was after if she had time to think. The hive mind had different plans though.

Immediately the hive mind began eroding her mind away. It began filling her head with thoughts of destroying the Leunamme linneage. She was in such agony that, with all the might left in the dieing part of her old mind, she closed the psychic link.

Right away, she paralyzed the Gruud around her. Her powers were increased five fold because of her exchange with the hive mind. With that power she captured countless childran and used them to create the same hatred for the shapians inside the head of all the Gruud. She brought her brainwashed army down to the foot of the mountain and set up a kingdom there that she called Darkia. Her and her army dubbed themselves the Darkians.

This is the tale of the Darkians.

The Darkians are the wielders of magic, and the keepers of the library of scrolls.
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Darkian Background Information
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