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Getting the Community Involved
Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:49 am by 4th_dimention
Here we will announce new opportunities for the members of the community to get involved!

Right now you can:

- Check out the Demo -
Coming Soon!
(report bugs too)

And obviously …

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Welcome! The official forums are now running!
Fri Nov 12, 2010 3:16 pm by Mr.Bandit
Hello my fellow community!

We have took it upon ourselves to make new forums for you guys, since the last ones were....well lets just say not so good...

Anything from the last …

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 Quest Ideas!

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PostSubject: Quest Ideas!   Fri Nov 12, 2010 3:50 pm

We have decided to take some suggestions for quests from the community! The game will be a very large game, so, with that said, we need a very large amount of quests!

Here is a list of features, and characters in the game, that you can use to think of some quest ideas:

Features--some features to help you think of quests

Puzzle solving
Building(for puzzles i mean)
Hunting Shanimals
Day and night system(maybe certain quests at certian times?)
Weather/season system
Festivals in each season(games and contests here)
Many towns and cities
Buying/selling land
Merchant system(build a shop on your own land)
Crafting system
In-game guilds(maybe some quests for them?)
Getting pets

More will be added, so you may want to look back at this as you are thinking of ideas.

Characters--some characters that give you quests

Squarthur--the king of the Helticans

Circa Le Fay--The daughter of Squarthur, queen of the Darkians

Trillel--Queen of the Leunamme

Sir Hexalot--the great(old) knight

Merlin--the kings guidence, and a great(old) spell caster

The High gaurds--the high guards for Geometrica

Lady Pentadeen--the rich lady

Arklyn poly--the spellcaster of one of the towns(not sure yet)

Haeger trying--a shapians always try to do something, but never can

The Beggers--the homless beggers

Peter nog--The handsome knight, who cant fight

More may be added, and you can also think of your own event characters.

NOTE: List your name and the quest idea like you see below


Quote :
Name(real name for credit):

Idea(s)(please elaborate!):

Thank you, and remember, be creative! The game is both humorous, and serious!

Contributions!(some are from the old forums, or other communities):

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The E
The E

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PostSubject: Re: Quest Ideas!   Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:21 pm

Name: The E


-The Black Blade-
A Leunamme in the village has a very interesting story for you:
"It is said a long, long time ago there was a sword crafted by the early Darkians which is said to have the power of darkness bestowed in the blade, and the light of the moon captured in the handle. Is was the most powerful sword of all, so strong it could break the hardest armor and the bravest hearts. However, once the sun came out it was just a imbalanced perfectly normal blade."

The elder says he knows where it is, as his ancestors buried it to keep it from corrupting shapians. He says that after being buried for so long it should not be as powerful as before, and he needs a strong young Shapian to dig it out for him. He will pay very much if you do manage to get it.
He gives you a riddle to help you find it:

"Where the light of the moon stands next to the darkness of night, you will see a table. Look under the table."

Once you find the blade, you can either give the elder the sword in exchange for another valuable item, sell it to a trader for a ton of money, or keep it.
The blade deals 10X damage at night and deals normal damage at day.
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Quest Ideas!
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